News, Notes and Updates

The trip is just 8 days away, and the entries are going to be shorter and far more frequent from here on out.  This is simply a maintenance update, if you will.

After being turned down by by the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society and the Lymphoma Research Foundation, and after having not heard back from any of the youth golf organizations I contacted, I have decided to proceed with solely the Anxiety and Depression Association of America as the beneficiary charity.  While I had hoped to engage with several other charities, in the end I feel that working with only 1 will have several advantages.  First, all money raised for charity will go to this organization; more money can make a bigger impact.  Second, it will be far easier to focus my energies on working with 1 charity – it will bring more of a focus to my blogging, and will make the trip far easier to promote.

I have made several additions to the website – I have streamlined the donations / support page, have added a donors / thank yous tab to thank everyone who has helped me out, and have also added a calendar to the itinerary page.  Once I leave, I will add a second calendar which shows my actual progress compared to what the plan was.

I will be adding a “statistics” page within the next day or two, full of dorky stats for numbers people.  There will be some guessing games put up there as well (think guessing the overall number of strokes type stuff), so check back soon.

My new apartment is not yet perfect, but the move is complete and it is certainly livable.  I can now resume focusing 100% of my energy on the trip.

To that end, I played my first round in two weeks yesterday – I started birdie, par, par and was flirting with the idea of a low round.  In the end, I shot an 84.  Just too many double bogeys, and too much time spent in the trees.  I played at Oak Run, a nice public course just south of Lockport, New York.  6500+ from the tips, it is very narrow and has relatively small greens.  Several of the long par 4s run parallel to each other with moderately thick lines of huge oak trees separating the fairways.  It’s very easy to find trouble on pretty much every hole at Oak Run, but by far the hardest stretch is 15 – 16 – 17.  All three are very tight, and 16 has a little pond right in front of the green.  At just 373 yards, the pond is driveable by big hitters, and I was quite afraid of blasting it in as I have done before so I took something off the drive.  I promptly chunked my wedge into the water and made a double, with the rattle of the ball in the hole going my hopes for that outside shot at the 70s.  I feel as if I left many, many shots out there yesterday – and that’s encouraging after an 84 for the first round in 14 days.

I’m planning on playing just 3 more rounds before I depart – with the first of these rounds being tomorrow at the delightful Churchville Golf Course just outside of Rochester.

Finally, I have reddited about the trip, and was truly overwhelmed at the positive responses I got at reddit.  I have received several offers for places to stay and people to play with, and I look forward to meeting everyone whom has so graciously offered their assistance to me.  I am new to Reddit, but have seen in the few days I’ve been a member why the site is so highly regarded.

Look for daily entries moving forward.

As always, please consider a donation, and tell everyone you think may be interested about the trip.


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