Trip begins tomorrow – Stats / Games page added!

Well, I’m within 24 hours of day 1, and it’s safe to say that I am in the final stretch before hitting the road for an amazing 7 weeks.  I would be lying if I said I can’t wait, as I have a bunch of stuff to do today, including laundry, and packing.  This will a brief entry, very “news and notes”-y.  I’m going to post a few more entries later today, with one focusing on goals for the trip, and another discussing travel, and my experience with it.

First, some thank yous.  Thanks to Matt Cecil and Fairview Golf Course, again, for everything they’ve done for me.  A donation jar is set up in the clubhouse, and they have graciously sent me a few polo shirts, a visor, and a tee shirt for my use during the trip.  Great people at Fairview – and it’s a lovely course to boot.  If you live in Central PA, I assume you’ve already played there and need no further convincing.  For those of you who aren’t from “the Fatherland,” there is plenty of excellent golf to be played in Central PA, and Fairview deserves a spot on your list.

Thank you also to Drew Crumbaugh, good friend of mine and author of the punk rock blog The Power of Independent Trucking.  He recently blogged about my trip, arguing that golf is punk.  I couldn’t help but agree.  Check out his blog, particularly if you are into independent music – the man has a depth of knowledge about music that I could only hope to one day have half of; from the technical elements of audio engineering to what makes music resonate with all of us, he can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about rock and roll.

Finally, just a few maintenance updates.  I have added a “Stats / Games” page to the site.  You can navigate to stats related to golf, and also related to other assorted facets of travel by hovering over the “Stats / Games” button above.  Check these out.  You’ll probably find this page to be interesting, particularly if you are a dork like me.  More on what I’m looking for out of these later in the “goals” entry.

Regarding the “games” element, I have also decided to make the fun inclusive!  There are 3 categories, my trip totals of which you can guess: my total score, the total amount of birdies I make, and the total number of balls I lose.  Of course, as the trip progresses, better guesses may come into clearer focus, and so I will stop taking answers on July 28.  The winner of each category will receive a small prize, likely something from one of the courses I play at during the trip.

Okay – I am off for now.  Couple short entries coming later today.

As always, spread the word, and consider a donation!


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