Vermont, here I am


Vermont. My French isn’t the best, Weil als Ich ein student war, hatte Ich Deutsch studiert. Webb sprichst du Deutsch, bitte “uberlesen” wie schlecht mein Deutsch jetzt ist. Es hat Jahre gewesen. I do believe that Vermont is French for “the bucolic land of the majestic green mountains.” I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Anyhow, Vermont has always struck me as the land of the chill and the home of the relaxed. Really, if you want to go live somewhere cool, you should go to Vermont. It’s a like lot Colorado in that regard. Colorado is just the coolest, but everything you can do there you can do in Vermont, just to a less extreme level. Of course, I could just be making this all up.

Vermonters also have a reputation as being fiercely independent. Given that Vermont was at one time an independent republic before joining the Union, I guess it’s not unfathomable that the spirit of independence trickled in down through the generations.

Needless to say, I’m excited about Vermont. The drive through New York to Troy was mundane, but the last 25 or so miles have been a blast. Mostly two lanes, the gentle elevation change provided for both some scenic views and some nice curvy roads.

Should be in Brattleboro within the hour.


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