The Heart of America


New Jersey is a very popular butt of jokes for people who’ve either never been there or are just ignorant. Boasting a rank within the top 3 in both per capita income and percentage of residents with a degree, Jersey has been, is, and will continue to be a leader. The entire state falls under the influence of either New York City or Philadelphia, and I’m hard pressed right now to come up with a single reason why that’s bad.



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3 responses to “The Heart of America

  1. Ham

    I can think of one thing about New Jersey that everyone should hate: Mets fans.

  2. Ed Stone

    I live here now buddy, and the golf is great! Try out any course in Mercer County and you will not be disappointed.

  3. Ham – Ehh, for me to truly get against the Mets fans, the Mets would have to be relevant. Ed – I played Rutgers University GC this afternoon, loved it. Ever played there?

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