Queen Mary’s Land


Maryland. Bordering the South, but still very much steeped in Northern sensibilities. For the amount of people I know from Maryland, I’ve really only done cursory visiting. The crabs are good, and I enjoyed way too much Natty Bo at an O’s game last summer. I still have never been able to get a grasp on how Marylanders themselves choose to identify themselves, with regards to their regional identity. Clearly a slower pace than Boston / NYC / Philly, but not quite as quaint as the deeper south. The state’s geography varies from urban in Baltimore to sophisticated and cosmopolitan around DC to what I assume is a far more rural lifestyle in the western parts of the state. It’s also got that weird shape. Nooks here, crannies there, bays everywhere. The nickname is “America in Miniature,” and given the widely diversified nature of the state, I think the name is apropos.


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