Runnin’ From the Heat up in New England, I Was Born to be the Fiddler in an Old Time String Band…

Infused with a burst of energy after my spectacular experience in West Virginia yesterday evening, I blasted further south than I had originally planned on doing.  I guess you could say I’m ahead of schedule.  A more fully developed entry will come later, as my computer is just about to die and I’m going to get back to the road here shortly.  In the interim though, I just wanted to take a quick minute to give some updates.

I have updated substantial parts of the “Stats” pages, and will be updating the rest of them later this afternoon.  While I’m not golfing today, I do need to get a move on as I need to get down to Morristown, Tennessee tomorrow after playing in Virginia and Kentucky.  The off day is welcome, but with the amount of maintenance updating around the site, and the amount of awesomeness that I encountered in the last two days and need to blog about later, I’m doing anything but lounging around today.

Also, I want to mention some thank-yous here, just to highlight the generosity of some recent donors.  Of course, these have been updated on my thank you’s page as well, but as it has been a few days since I was able to update that, I want to get the thanks’ into the blog as well.  I want to thank Doug M. (he wishes to keep his last name anonymous), Marjorie Newell and Jackie Kissinger for their generous donations.  Jackie works with my father, and is, according to my Dad, one of my blog’s biggest followers.  She had wanted to “pay for a round,” and with her generous donation of $50 – did more than that!  Thanks so much Jackie, and Doug and Marjorie, for your donations – they are meaningful to me and I am eternally thankful.

I’d also like to thank Mike Donahue for his generosity during my time in New Jersey.  Not only did he pay for my round and cart fees at Rutgers University Golf Course, he also gave me a RUGC ball marker, a few dozen new Slazenger golf balls, and paid for my lunch.  Amazingly gracious of you Mike, and very, very appreciated.

Finally, I wanted to thank Carl Woelful and Luke Hershey, who paid for my dinners at Clyde’s in downtown DC and the 19th hole at The Woods in West Virginia, respectively.  Very benevolent of you guys, I really appreciate it.

Okay, my computer is starting to beep, and my time to wrap this up is nigh.

Briefly then, consider that, for me, the trip is beginning now.  While I had never been to Vermont or Maine, and hadn’t spent substantial time in some of the other places I have been, the whole region was familiar to me: it’s the Northeast, and the values, pace and cultures, while varying from area to area, weren’t ever foreign to me.

There’s always been something romantically appealing about the South, and I am so very, very excited to trek down to the gulf coast over the next week or so.

I’m heading down south to the land of the pine…

Looking forward to the south, maybe I’ll find a southern belle to rock me like a wagon wheel.




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