News and Notes – All Stats Finally Updated and Current!

Good afternoon everyone.  I made lovely drives the last few days, and will have some better stories for you later this evening.  As for now – just know that I am safe and sound in Morristown, Tennessee, and am just about to go play an afternoon round somewhere around here before heading into the Carolinas tonight. 

I spent this morning sleeping, bathing, eating and enjoying the luxury of a one round day.  To sleep in was magnificent, even if I still arose around 8.  I was in no hurry to eat or clean myself up, so I did both leisurely.  I took the next few hours to square up my budget for the trip (I’m a solid 9.9% under budget thus far!) and update some stats for the stats pages!

Now that I’m all caught up in regards to the stats pages, you can expect them to be accurate on a semi-daily basis from here out.  Behind the glossy finish you get on the website are now Excel spreadsheets which are doing the hard work for me.  Updating these pages moving forward will be a breeze!

Peruse the states pages, both golf and other, and check back this evening for a proper entry and update.


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  1. Dan D.

    Keep on trucking FEE!

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