News and Notes

Hi everyone!  Your patience while I catch everything up is appreciated!  The frantic pace of the trip is wearing down the old writing gloves, and I haven’t been able to get everything out that I have wanted to over the last few days.

Briefly then, New Orleans was great.  No. Louisiana was also stellar, and I’d like to thank my friend Alex Stachow for letting me crash on his couch and for taking me out for dinner and drinks in Ruston, LA two nights ago.

In the last 2 days, I did play 2 rounds of golf.  I shot an 83 at Chennault Park in Monroe, LA, and a stellar 78 today at The Creeks in Cave Springs, AR. 

I’m heading off to get two rounds in tomorrow.  One bright and early in Joplin, MO, and another one later in the day in or around Coffeyville, KS.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the blog entry for the last few days – it’s just an update.  I am alive.  I am well.  I am tired.  I am on the move!

I will get you all a detailed entry tomorrow at some point, I promise.  I need to get caught up before I get to the Southwest, because I’m really looking to do some exploring there, and I can’t have the cloud of backed up blogging hanging over my head!  Look for a massive entry tomorrow mid-day, then!


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