Nothing witty to say in titling this one. Arizona has some frightening political elements and attracts a certain breed of ‘Murcan. Also, old people love this place. I’m just hoping to get out alive.



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3 responses to “Arizona

  1. Bob

    But it’s a dry heat…

  2. Dan

    Enjoying the blog Alex. You really ought to consider a book – the melding of golf and an epic cross-country jaunt is fascinating!

    Looked you up after seeing a flyer on the bulletin board after playing a round at Maple Run in Thurmont. (I was hoping to score better than you did, but sadly blew it on the back 9 – shot a 41-51).

    Anyway, drive safely (pun intended) and keep it coming. BTW, I too went to Ship as did my 23-yo daughter. All the best.

    • Dan – thanks for checking in and commenting, I appreciate the feedback! Glad you’re enjoying everything. I’m hoping to get a publisher to grab this up, I think I’ll easily have the content once I’m done – it will just be a matter of shaving away the fat and wrapping some things up.

      Always good to hear from another Ship alum – I haven’t been back since I’ve graduated, but I have noticed that there has been a lot of work done around campus. I gotta make it back sometime soon.

      Regarding your round at Maple Run, it sounds like we went in reverse order of each other. Put your front with my back and we’d have ourselves an okay round!

      Thanks again for commenting and checking in.

      – Alex

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