I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

This is just a newsy notes entry right here.  I’m in San Luis Obispo, CA right now, and just updated all my stats, checked in on my budget (still a solid 1.5% below!), and updated the live calendar.  In the last few days, I spent a late night on the Vegas Strip, golfed at Torrey Pines and went to a Dodgers game among other things.  I met up with an old friend for lunch, a new friend for lunch, and am about to meet up with an old friend for a drink or two in Monterey.

Needless to say, I have been rather busy and have struggled to find time to write.  Don’t worry though, the states which lie north and east of California will surely afford me some time to catch up.  Not sure if I’ll do vignettes or full fledged chronological entries, but I will almost certainly be separating the golf from the travel in the next few entries.  I have been taking notes, and will do everyone a massive favor by making sure I get to everything; some great stuff has happened!

In the meantime, some thanks are in order:

– to Kendra Kline (again) for shipping a package that I just beat to Georgia over to San Diego

– to Brian Schlauch for receiving that package and for taking me out to lunch in San Diego

– to Mike O’Brien with Shirts of the World, for shipping that package, containing a few shirts, a cap and a visor to me.  Cool idea, check out his company.

– to Karl Schultz with Truths and Lies, for the extra couple shirts, for picking up lunch in Orange County, and for taking the time out of his day to sit down and have a conversation about golf, life and how the two affect each other.  Another great dude with a great company, please check his selections.

– to Chef Ritter, of, Ritter’s SKC, for the shirt, and for cranking out a mean shrimp pan roast

– to Sam Rosenthal, for snagging the perfect tee time for us at Torrey Pines – got the twilight rate, and finished just in time!


Further updates later, now of to Monterey.


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