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Donations accounts up and running – Please consider donating!

Today was a very busy day, between being interviewed by Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News, and looking extremely dashing for the photographer, and working to establish the methods by which you may donate to the trip.

Briefly, you can make a 1 time donation via PayPal.  All PayPal donations will be split, 25% to fund the trip and 75% to the charities I am working with.  You may also make a donation directly to me, to fund the trip, via the page I have set up.  All donations made at this page will be used 100% to fund the trip.  If you wish to donate to me solely via gofundme, I kindly ask that you consider making a direct donation to one of the charities I will be working with.

Regardless of the source of the donation, if and when the trip becomes fully funded, ALL excess donations will be devoted entirely to the charities with which I will be working.

Regarding the kindness of people, mere minutes had passed before I was given my first donations, from dear friends Indra Peters and Marty Tonge.  The abundant generosity and quick response of these individuals nearly brought tears to my eyes.  Love you guys.


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