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As of 9/19/13, the fundraising portion of my project is closed.  100% of all donations made prior to 9/19/13 will be given to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (after the processing fees which PayPal and GoFundMe charge for their services), once the funds hit my checking account from PayPal and GoFundMe respectively.  From 9/19/13 on, you are still more than welcome to give me money.  Everything given to me from here on will be used to help get me back on my feet after the significant costs of the trip.


Click on the PayPal button below to make a PayPal donation, or click on the link below the PayPal button to make a donation to me at GoFundMe.  All donations from here out are very unexpected, and very, very appreciated.


PayPal Donate Button

Please click HERE to make a donation to me to assist in funding the trip.



2 responses to “Support / Donate

  1. Alex, your story in The Buffalo News was definitely inspiring. It sounds like you have CA figured out with Torrey Pines (what a great call) and it sounds like you have friends in the area. Anyway, I’m from Buffalo and moved out to Southern California in 1999. If you get stuck, my wife and I live about an hour north of San Diego. We could offer up the guestroom in our home (for no charge, obviously), or if for whatever reason you can’t get on at Torrey that day, there are some easy-to-access courses by us because we’re an hour outside of the busy city life of both LA and SD. Email me at the info I’ll provide if you need to take us up on either offer. Good luck! TIM SCHULER, LAGUNA, CA VIA BUFFALO.

    • Thanks for the offers! I’m all set in San Diego, but plans are always liable to fall through – I’ll take you up on these offers if something does fall through.

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