Donors / Thanks

Sincere and heartfelt thank yous to all who have made generous donations:


David and Rose Feeman                            $200

Beth and Mark Hoffman                           $150

Jackie and Ken Showers                            $100

Martin Tonge                                                 $100 (And the first round at LeRoy)

Devin Farley                                                   $100

Jon Hurst                                                          $100

“Number One Son” Robert Feeman      $100

Terry and Julie Feeman                              $100

The Fine Customers of Fairview             $98.30

Indra and Alex Peters                                 $50

David and Lindsay Kilijanski                   $50

Brendan Sweet                                               $50

Aaron Gardner                                               $50

Jackie Kissinger                                            $50

Diane Zwirecki                                               $50

Jim Jones                                                         $50

Martin Bauer                                                   $40

Michael Higgins                                              $25

Doug M.                                                             $25

Marjorie Newell                                             $25

Kathryn Buhler                                             $25

Timothy Fischer                                            $20

Luke Hershey                                                  $10


Total Raised to date:                            $1,568.30


Additional thank yous:

Mom and Dad – for introducing me to the game and for being phenomenal parents

Indra and Alex Peters – for making sure my Jetta is in tip top shape for the trip, for the encouragement, and for everything else

Mike Sengbusch – for tipping the Buffalo News to the story

Jay Skurski – for writing a fantastic article in the Buffalo News

Mike Givler – for writing a fantastic article in the Lebanon Daily News

Milan Vracarich – for connecting me with the Lebanon Daily News to cover the story

Amy Wissinger – for highlighting the trip on the Cornwall-Lebanon School District website and providing bountiful advice

Karl Schultz at Truths and Lies – for the shirts, hat, for picking up lunch in Orange County, and for sharing his golf story with me

Matt Cecil and everyone at Fairview Golf Course – for maintaining a lovely course, posting a link to my blog on their homepage, and for the shirts and visor

Tom and Lynn Bedell – for being phenomenal sales people for Vermont; for being welcoming beyond all expectations, for the meal, drinks, for the conversation, and for picking up my cart fees at Brattleboro County Club.

Brattleboro Country Club – for comping my round

Mike Donahue – for taking care of my round in New Jersey, for lunch afterwards, for the Rutgers ball marker and boxes of balls, and for the great conversation during it all

Carl Woelfel – for picking up dinner after our round in DC, and for making it out to play 9 with me on my journey

Luke Hershey – for the cash, for picking up dinner after our round in West Virginia, and for coming along to play a round

Kendra Kline and Dan Shroyer – for letting me crash in their living room, for the conversation, for lunch in Athens, and for shipping some shirts across the country for me

Alex Stachow – for letting me crash on his couch, for dinner and drinks, and for the opportunity to catch up

Brian Schlauch – for lunch in San Diego, and for receiving a package from me from Georgia

Mike O’Brien and Shirts of the World – for the shirts, hat, and visor

Sam Rosenthal – for setting up the perfect tee time at Torrey Pines, and for being a great playing partner

Chef Ritter of Ritter’s SKC – for the shirt, particularly after having met me just seconds before

Dan Geary – for the pint and conversation in Berkeley

Willie Gabler, Andrew Knous, Milan Vracarich – for driving all over the Mid-Atlantic to meet up with an old friend for a round(s) of golf, and for making those rounds enjoyable

Dad, Uncle Bob, Uncle Terry, Uncle Ken, Marty Tonge, Paul Zwirecki, Tim Baumgartner, Brendan Sweet, Harold Crawford “Willie” Gabler IV, Phil Hess and anyone else I either have played with regularly or will be playing with regularly- for being great playing partners who make every round enjoyable

I have played with countless other folks, and to everyone I’ve played with – thanks for going around the links.

I have also received huge amounts of advice from many other folks regarding any and all elements of the trip, and I am thankful for all the input I have received, even if I have been unable to or will be unable to implement it all.


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