Here’s the tentative day by day plan.  It is likely to change as I make my way through the country and as offers by generous folks for lodging and or golf continue to be made.  You can check out further details on the planning of the itinerary here:

July 14 – traveling from Buffalo, NY to Bennington, VT.  Playing in NY.

July 15 – from Bennington, VT to Saco, ME.  Playing in VT and NH.

July 16 – from Saco, ME to Providence, RI.  Playing in ME and MA.

July 17 – from Providence, RI to Cherry Hill, NJ.  Playing in RI and CT.

July 18 – from Cherry Hill, NJ to Wilmington, DE.  Playing in NJ.

July 19 – from Wilmington, DE to Frederick, MD.  Playing in DE and DC.

July 20 – from Frederick, MD to Martinsburg, WV.  Playing in MD and WV.

July 21 – from Martinsburg, WV to Christiansburg, VA.  No golf.

July 22 – from Christiansburg, VA to Morristown, TN.  Playing in VA and KY.

July 23 – from Morristown, TN to Hendersonville, NC.  Playing in TN.

July 24 – from Hendersonville, NC to Jonesboro, GA.  Playing in NC and SC.

July 25 – from Jonesboro, GA to Dothan, AL.  Playing in GA.

July 26 – from Dothan, AL to Gulfport, MS.  Playing in AL and FL.

July 27 – from Gulfport, MS to New Orleans, LA.  Playing in MS.

July 28 – REST

July 29 – from New Orleans, LA to Shreveport, LA.  No golf.

July 30 – from Shreveport, LA to Fayetteville, AR.  Playing in LA.

July 31 – from Fayetteville, AR to Joplin, MO.  Playing in AR and MO.

August 1 – from Joplin, MO to Weatherford, OK.  Playing in KS.

August 2 – from Weatherford, OK to Amarillo, TX.  Playing in OK.

August 3 – from Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM.  Playing in TX.

August 4 – from Albuquerque, NM to Farmington, NM.  No golf.

August 5 – from Farmington, NM to Page, AZ.  Playing in NM and CO.

August 6 – from Page, AZ to St. George, UT.  Playing in AZ.

August 7 – from St. George, UT to Las Vegas, NV.  Playing in UT.

August 8 – from Las Vegas, NV to San Diego, CA.  Playing in NV.

August 9 – 12 – from San Diego, CA to Crescent City, CA.  Playing in CA.

August 13 – from Crescent City, CA to Medford, OR.  Playing in OR.

August 14 – from Medford, OR to Kennewick, WA.  No golf.

August 15 – from Kennewick, WA to Lewiston, ID.  Playing in WA and ID.

August 16 – from Lewiston, ID to Bozeman, MT.  Playing in MT.

August 17 – from Bozeman, MT to Sheridan, WY. Playing in WY.

August 18 – from Sheridan, WY to Fargo, ND.  No golf.

August 19 – from Fargo, ND to Sioux Falls, SD.  Playing in ND and MN.

August 20 – from Sioux Falls, SD to Sioux City, IA.  Playing in SD.

August 21 – no travel.  Playing in NE and IA.

August 22 – from Sioux City, IA to Madison, WI.  No golf.

August 23 – from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL.  Playing in WI.

August 24 – no travel.  Playing in IL.

August 25 – from Chicago, IL to Elkhart, IN.  No golf.

August 26 – from Elkart, IN to Coldwater, MI.  Playing in IN.

August 27 – from Coldwater, MI to Canton, OH.  Playing in MI.

August 28 – no travel.  Playing in OH.

August 29 – from Canton, OH to Lebanon, PA.  No golf

August 30 – REST

August 31 – no travel.  Playing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Days 1 – 18:

Map 1

Days 19 – 49:

Map 2


2 responses to “Itinerary

  1. Hey Alex. I just met you at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley, CA. You have some great stories so far. Keep up the adventure

    • Hey Dan! Thanks for checking in and checking out the blog. I hope you continue to enjoy the stories I’ve got. It was great talking to you in Berkeley, and thanks for the pint! I really did love the Bay Area, and may just end up there. If I do, we’ll have to meet up for pints.

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