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I’ve always been a numbers dork, have loved tooling around in Excel, and will be chronicling the trip not only in words but also in numbers.  It’s mostly golf stuff, but I’m also going to be keeping track of my fuel economy and weight as well.  If there are any other things you think would be interesting to follow through numbers, let me know and I will consider adding it to the list!  You can either leave a comment with your suggestion or you can email me with your suggestion at


At the suggestion of some of my regular playing partners, I’m including you all in the fun!  This trip just lends it self to guessing games, and I am curious myself, at what sort of fun golf stats await me during the trip.  Either comment with your guesses, or send me an email if you like.  The guesser who gets closest (no price is right garbage – closest is closest) to the actual number will win some small prize that I collect along my journey.  Something from a famous golf course, perhaps.  Anyhow, here are the games:

1)  Guess the total number of strokes I will play during the trip.


– During my last 49 18 hole rounds, I have played 4174 strokes, for an average of 85.18 per round.

– The average course rating for these courses was 70.0, while the average slope rating was 117.0.

2)  Guess the total number of birdies I will make during the trip.


– During my last 49 18 hole rounds, I have made 41 birdies.

3)  Guess how many golf balls I will lose during the trip.


– I am taking 81 golf balls on the trip, as I have 6 dozen brand new Titleists and 9 balls in my bag at this time.  I don’t plan on buying any additional balls during the trip, but will if I must.

– During my last 28 18 hole rounds, I have incurred 16 penalties due to water, 11 due to shots OB and 7 due to lost balls.

– In the 21 preceding rounds, I had incurred 26 penalties due to a combination of these maladies.



– For all three, I will use the same tiebreaker.  Please guess the total amount of miles I will drive on the trip, to the nearest mile.


Good luck in your guesses!  I hope that this is something cool for you to follow, rather than something lame that you tolerate – let me know your thoughts!  I will be keeping track of these stats and more on the “Golf” subpage that you can access by hovering over the “Stats / Games” button above.


2 responses to “Stats / Games

  1. Brendan Sweet

    10,387 miles driven. 4179 strokes. 42 birdies. 94 lost balls.

  2. Ham

    10,101 miles. 4092 strokes. 44 birdies. 80 lost balls.

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